AAHA Accredited Care: Only the Best for Ames

When you bring your pet to a veterinary practice accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) you can rest assured they’re in the best hands. To become an AAHA accredited hospital, we were evaluated on 900 rigorous standards in veterinary medicine. To continue our accreditation, we’re evaluated at our hospital again every three years. Animal hospitals are not required to be accredited like human hospitals. In fact, AAHA states that only 12 to 15% of animal hospitals are accredited. By bringing your loyal companion to Somerset Veterinary Hospital in Ames, you’ll know they’re receiving only the highest level of care.

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The Measure of Excellence

The standards we adhere to in veterinary medicine through AAHA ensure your pet receives comprehensive treatment. We update our practices and procedures regularly to stay current with guidelines. Because AAHA is at the forefront of veterinary research and best practices, these guidelines direct how we take care of your pet. The standards of excellence we maintain include the following areas:

  • The highest level of patient care
  • Complete pain management
  • Extensive surgical services
  • Laboratory and pharmacy services
  • Additional examination rooms
  • Medical records are private and updated
  • A highly sanitary facility
  • Emergency services in case the unexpected happens
  • State-of-the-art pet dentistry services
  • Monitoring equipment to track vital signs during surgery
AAHA accredited care at Somerset Veterinary Hospital

What it Took to Become Accredited

To become an AAHA accredited hospital, we studied the 900 standards we would be evaluated on, applied for accreditation and spent time preparing for an extensive on-site evaluation. For every standard we passed, we received a point. Because we made the cut, we received our stamp of approval and became AAHA accredited. Veterinary professionals created the standards we adhere to, because they saw a need in the veterinarian community for up-to-date information on veterinarian medicine. We’re proud to be AAHA accredited at Somerset Animal Hospital and connected to the only association that accredits veterinary hospitals in the U.S. and Canada. Please call us at (515) 292-0400 for more information about AAHA or how we strive to be the best at Somerset Veterinary Hospital.