Providing Fear Free Pet Care

Treating your pet on a routine basis with exams, vaccinations, and parasite control is one way we help them stay healthy but providing them with a low-stress experience at our animal hospital is equally important! Somerset Veterinary Hospital is a Fear Free Certified Practice, which means every one of our doctors and staff members has completed extensive training and testing to make fearful, anxious, and stressed pets feel much more comfortable while they’re under our roof. Your pet’s mental wellness is critical to their overall physical wellness and longevity. By making visits to the vet less stressful overall, your pet can stay happier and healthier.

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How We Make Vet Visits Fear Free for Your Pet

We’re committed to giving your pet and you the best possible experience at our hospital. Fear Free care benefits animals and humans alike by making veterinary visits easier and much more positive.

Here’s how our team makes that possible:

  • We employ special low-stress handling techniques (minimal restraint, full physical support of the patient)
  • To help patients feel calmer, we use artificial canine and feline pheromones in our exam rooms
  • We use positive reinforcement whenever possible
  • If needed, we can provide your pet with pre-appointment pharmaceuticals to calm them
  • We regularly use treats as distractions during vaccinations, nail trims, and other treatments
  • We take our time with patients and give them space to acclimate to their surroundings
fear free animal hospital in ames, IA

Why is Fear Free Beneficial to Your Pet and You?

When dogs and cats are less stressed about their vet appointments, they are more receptive to being treated and handled by our team. Like you, we don’t want your companion to miss out on important care that keeps them healthy. A calmer pet is a happier pet, and the happier they are, the healthier they can be, too!