Eryn, UW-AAB

Eryn first joined the Somerset family as a Veterinary Assistant in February 2019, after graduating from Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Science in animal ecology and a minor in learning and leadership sciences. Recently, Eryn and her husband bought a house in Ankeny where they live with two cats, Mini and Kit-Kat. Fun Fact: Eryn and her husband fostered Kit through the Ames Animal Shelter in the fall of 2020 while she awaited an eye enucleation. They ended up falling in love with her and adopted Kit in early 2021; she has been a wonderful addition to the family. Eryn’s favorite part of working at Somerset is developing bonds with clients and their pets while helping people learn how to keep their pets happy and healthy. She also loves being involved in the medical care of patients. In her free time, Eryn loves reading in her hammock when it’s nice outside, spending time cuddling with her cats, and attending Iowa State football games with her husband and their friends and family.